Carl Milton (b. 1962) is a Sydney based artist. His art practice is located at Square One Studios in Alexandria Sydney. Carl has been the recipient of studio residencies, various art awards and has held a number of solo exhibitions. His works are held in public and private collections in Australia, Germany and the UK, and have been featured on national and international film and television series.

The landscape paintings by Carl feature representational, imaginary and psychological landscapes. These works often depict the current and future environmental challenges of the Anthropogenic epoch.

Carl’s energy field paintings are like the wave and particle process of quantum physics and oscillate between intuitive subconscious interpretations and paintings based on and inspired by medical and scientific research and imagery.

At a time of a bio tech and info technology revolution Carl is particularly interested in neuroscience and the emerging developments in mind and brain sciences. In rapidly changing times new paradigms and different ways of navigating the world will need to evolve if humanity and Homo sapiens are to continue as a species. Carl’s intention is to visually depict these transitions through the language of brushstrokes.is